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    Introduction to Public Speakin

    Introduction to Public Speakin

    Introduction to Public Speakin

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    Cooking with Miraflor is a course to learn how to cook all kinds of different cuisines:  Philippine Cuisine and International Cuisine.

    ELT Moodle Quizzes Workshop

    These advanced reading/writing courses are designed for students who are currently enrolled in or planning to apply to a degree program in the US. They will prepare students to function comfortably in university-level classes and other situations in which formal writing is required.The primary course goals are to help students develop their abilities to summarize, discuss, analyze and comment on something they've read. Students will read authentic non-fiction text materials from newspapers, magazines, and books and write critical essays in response to them. They will also work on improving their grammar and editing skills.

    This course is for English as a Second Language students (and teachers) to help develop fluency in English through games.
    Blended Learning and Moodle: Malaysian Ministry of Education Form 3 English Course

    This course is designed to create a blended learning environment for Malaysia's Form 3 English subject. The course is based on the textbook for Malaysia's Form 3 English subject and includes teaching suggestions for creating activities that allow the student to reflect on concepts that are taught in Form 3 English. For access to the teaching suggestions, please contact Mark Stevens at mstevensm@gmail.com.

    birds placemarkerA course about different groups of birds. At the moment, there is one lesson on owls which has been a collaborative project between student and teacher. Hopefully more lessons on birds are soon to come!

    Number of Lessons: 1

    Suggested Age: 7+

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